Welcome to the Beach Community Union!


The Beach Community Union (BCU) is a group that works to connect, advocate and fundraise for the whole school. It’s a caregiver-led group that creates community and advances the needs of everyone at Beach. The BCU is committed to making impactful changes with your support, advice and guidance.


BUDGET UPDATE: 2023-2024


On October 10th, during the first BCU Community Meeting of the school year, our members approved the 2023-2024 budget. Thank you! This allows the BCU to begin funding important programs such as SUN and teacher mini-grants.


Learn more about the budget from this summary or dive into the detailed budget document.




These broader goals were created by past BCU leadership and we are figuring out how to best meet them in this upcoming year.  The BCU is committed to disrupting the white supremacy culture that is embedded in the history and structures of the PTA. As we receive feedback and guidance from staff and community, the BCU will improve itself by listening to, understanding and serving our full community. We have the opportunity to be a part of this cultural transformation that works towards ending systemic racism, improving outcomes for all students and renewing confidence in the public school system. We want this organization to be better and the BCU is committed to making impactful changes with your support, advice and guidance. 


CONNECT: The BCU is committed to planning and supporting school-wide and culturally specific events that build community.  Additionally, if you want to stay connected to us and other Beach families please do the following: 

  1. Update your information in the Directory - this is a great way to find contact information for other Beach families too
  2. Download the membership toolkit app (our directory is powered by software called Membership Toolkit)

ADVOCATE: We help the broader community engage in state and local policy and funding decisions that impact our school.


FUNDRAISE: We support various school events, student and family needs, including (but not limited to):

  • SUN School partnership, programming and after school enrichment program (not child care)
  • Beach Family Fund
  • Teacher Mini-grants
  • Field trips


We welcome your ideas for the BCU. Please drop us a note at beachcommunityunion@gmail.com


BCU Meeting Minutes and Records may be found HERE.



Current Board Members:


Rachel Thieme and Thomas King, co-chairs

Naomi Cole, secretary

Jordan LeaJames, treasurer

Kate Lefco and Christy Hudson, advocacy co-leads

Elena Hernandez, volunteer lead

Amber Elf Wagner and Milena Malone, fundraising co-leads

Wesley Grout and Anise Hames-Jackson, Connect co-leads

Liz Merritt, communications lead

Rebecca Vander Meer, member at large