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Originally delivered on 9/20/2019 9:39 pm

SUBJECT: Beach School Broadcast September 20, 2019




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Beach School Broadcast 

September 20, 2019 


How can I support teachers this week?

1. Classroom Library Book Labeling. Contact Megan O'Leary if you can help

2. Recess and Cafeteria Support. Contact Katrina de Boer to help.

3. Ask your teacher how you can help! They have projects big and small.


How can I help my Beach School
Community this week? 

Donate to the school snack and school supply closet.  When snacks are running low, our teachers head to our snack closet.  Please consider donating snacks by dropping dairy and nut free snacks to the front office in the purple bin.

Volunteer with the Beach School Garden The garden team had its first meeting of the school year in the garden. If you're interested in getting involved with the garden program this year, please email: or McKenzie (Garden teacher)


Get to Know your Community 


SUN School Registration
My name is Monique Shellmire and I am the new SUN Site Manager here at Beach Elementary Community School! We have some awesome classes planned for this fall! There are 2 forms that will be crucial for signing your student up for the SUN School Program and both must be completed in order to participate.
  • Registration Form
  • Enrollment Form
The SEI Enrollment form covers all student and parent contact information as well as our liability waiver and emergency contact information. This form only has to be filled out once a year per student.  The second is the Registration form and it must be filled out every term. This is where you are able to choose which classes your student would like to be signed up for and is important for making sure they are registering for classes they will find fun and exciting. These forms will be given to students on 9/17 and 9/18 to bring home to you. Please fill out the Enrollment and Registration forms in their entirety and make sure to sign where you see a "Blue Arrow". Please return these forms to the SUN mailbox in the main office as soon as possible as the last day to turn in Enrollment and Registration forms will be 9/24. All forms will also be available in the main office on 9/19. Class confirmation letters will be sent out the 1st week of October. If you have any additional questions please feel free to email me at Thank you so much for your time! It is going to be a phenomenal year! Go Bobcats!!!

Ms. Mo


Caring Communities at Beach 





Upcoming Community Events
Community events are free and everyone is invited. 
Our goal at Community Events is to Connect with each other as a Beach School community.

Come join us for a community event. The
Harvest Social is for everyone to come and celebrate the
beginning of Fall. Eat soup, try some harvest dishes
inspired by the garden, play games, meet people in your
school community, and simply enjoy each others company.

We need people to sign up to bring a one pot item: soup,
pasta, etc. Plug ins and tables will be provided.
Bread donated and garden dishes provided by the garden.
Kids soccer kick around, and possibly adult kickball. ALL ages welcome.


Upcoming Fundraising Events
Fundraising events cost money and everyone is invited.  Our goal at fundraising events is to raise money for our community.  

Some examples of what we spend the money on that we raise at our fundraising events: Chromebooks for our kids, Playworks Coach, donating to All Hands Raised to fund our teachers

Funding events and opportunities coming soon!


PTA General Meeting Recap
Sept. 4th 2019

        September General Meeting Minutes

At our September PTA meeting, we learned about the laws and standards related to Growth and Development.  Here is a link to that presentation.  Here are the links to the grade specific information our kids will learn this year. 

First Grade  Second Grade  Third Grade  Fourth GradeFifth Grade

And, here is a video about Consent we watched together that some of our kids will watch.  We will schedule them to come back and talk to our community since we ran out of time.

Next PTA Meeting

October 9th

We will vote on the 2019-2020 PTA Budget.   Ana Marquez, School Climate/Instructional Specialist to talk about the curriculum our teachers are using called Collaborative Problem Solving.  It is a restorative practice that allows students the ability to reflect and work together with a trusted adult to understand why they do the unexpected things they do and how to move forward and repair harm authentically.  It is a non-punitive way to give students' the opportunity to see negative choices as simply mistakes that they can grow from.  As a school, Beach is using CPS along with Restorative Justice practices to change our relationships and behaviors for the better



Site Council is a “council” of teachers, parents, non-certified staff, administrators and community members working together to increase student learning and enact our school mission.  All are invited to attend.

August 2019 Meeting Minutes   —   May 2019 Meeting Minutes

June 2019 Meeting Minutes    —   April 2019 Meeting Minutes


2019-2020 PTA Board of Directors!

We are still looking for a Newsletter Coordinator.  Please reach out to Kelly Orehovec if you can help. 

Beach School PTA  1710 N Humboldt St  Portland, OR 97217