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Originally delivered on 9/27/2019 9:24 pm

SUBJECT: Beach School Broadcast September 27, 2019




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Beach School Broadcast 

September 27, 2019 


How can I support teachers this week?

  • Cafeteria Help--Check out this great video here.


  • Classroom Library Book Labeling. Contact Megan O'Leary if you can help
  • Ask your teacher how you can help! They have projects big and small.
  • Check the Lost and Found for your missing items located by the cafeteria.


How can I help my Beach School
Community this week? 

Beach Room Parent Program
We're thrilled to announce the launch of the Beach Room Parent Program!

We have a number of fantastic parents who have volunteered to be the room parent in each classroom.  At its best, room parents:
  • Improve communications at Beach

  • Create community among families per grade level

  • Give teachers the space to focus on our kids

If you have any questions about: what's going on in the classroom (or on upcoming field trips), how you can volunteer your time, how to celebrate your child's birthday in the classroom...go to the room parent first and he/she can help guide you in the right direction.

We are still looking for room parents for Lockett and Piff if you know anyone!

Any questions about the program, please reach out to Judith Hochhauser Schneider (

Donate to the school snack and school supply closet. 

When snacks are running low, our teachers head to our snack closet.  Please consider donating snacks by dropping dairy and nut free snacks to the front office in the purple bin.

Volunteer with the Beach School Garden 

The garden team had its first meeting of the school year in the garden. If you're interested in getting involved with the garden program this year, please email: or McKenzie (Garden teacher)


Get to Know your Community 


  • In case you missed the Video we showed at Back To School Night, you can check it out here.




 SUN School Confirmation Letters 

Hello Beach Families! Thank you all for turning in your SUN Enrollment and Registration forms! I will be sending home Class Confirmation Letters the middle of next week so please be on the lookout! As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.
TAG Nomination Window

The TAG nomination window is open now until November 26th. Students who are already identified as TAG do not need to be re-nominated, though you may wish to nominate your student in an additional area if they aren’t identified yet. Students at any grade level can be nominated by parents or teachers to be considered for the Talented and Gifted program. Nomination forms in multiple languages are here: . Please return them to your classroom teacher to fill out the teacher portion.

All second grade students in PPS will be screened for TAG eligibility in the area of Intellectual Giftedness in October using a universal non-verbal test – this will not impact students who already have an Intellectual TAG designation.

Questions? Email Beach TAG Coordinator Ayn Frazee


Caring Communities at Beach 

 Food Pantry

Every Thursday from 3pm-5pm in the main hall

Upcoming Community Events
Community events are free and everyone is invited. 
Our goal at Community Events is to Connect with each other as a Beach School community.

Lost and Found!

With the change in weather, there have been many sweaters, sweatshirts, and coats left on the playground. Please check the school's lost and found near the cafeteria. 



Harvest Social CONNECT

Harvest Social was a success!  Thanks for coming out and celebrating with us at our first community event of the year.  We ate delicious soup, pressed apples and danced into the night.




International Walk and Roll to School Day October 2
Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of the school year! My name is Sara Schooley and I am a new to Beach Kinder parent.  I've had such a wonderful time getting to know all the students and see them adjusting to new teachers, routines, and learning.

I wanted to let you know that next Wednesday, October 2nd is International Walk and Roll to School Day (IWR2SD). IWR2SD is an annual event held by schools across Portland —and the world—that encourages students, families, and the school community to walk, bicycle, or use other non-motorized transportation to get to school. This is an excellent opportunity to make streets safer and reduce traffic congestion near schools, get more physical activity, improve air quality, and celebrate the school’s community spirit, which can continue throughout the year.

On October 2nd, we'll be hosting a IWR2SD celebration near the bike racks on the east side of the school. We will have a mode chart where students can mark how they arrived at school, materials to decorate bike and helmets, beads to decorate shoes laces, light snacks, music, and, overall, a place to celebrate walking and biking. The event will start at 8am, so make sure to get to school a little earlier than normal if you would like to participate.

If you'd like to get to school with friends, the Beach bike train will be doing a special Wednesday ride from their usual meeting spot at N Concord and Killingsworth. The bike train will meet up at 8:15 and ride at 8:20 in order to get to school in time to celebrate IWR2SD! And feel free to create your own bike train or walking school bus with neighbors that morning to build up the community spirit that makes IWR2SD so much fun!

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Sara Schooley at

See you on the 2nd!


Upcoming Fundraising Events
Fundraising events cost money and everyone is invited.  Our goal at fundraising events is to raise money for our community.  

Some examples of what we spend the money on that we raise at our fundraising events: Chromebooks for our kids, Playworks Coach, donating to All Hands Raised to fund our teachers

Funding events and opportunities coming soon!


PTA General Meeting Recap
Sept. 4th 2019

        September General Meeting Minutes

At our September PTA meeting, we learned about the laws and standards related to Growth and Development.  Here is a link to that presentation.  Here are the links to the grade specific information our kids will learn this year. 

First Grade  Second Grade  Third Grade  Fourth GradeFifth Grade

And, here is a video about Consent we watched together that some of our kids will watch.  We will schedule them to come back and talk to our community since we ran out of time.

Next PTA Meeting

October 9th

We will vote on the 2019-2020 PTA Budget.   Ana Marquez, School Climate/Instructional Specialist to talk about the curriculum our teachers are using called Collaborative Problem Solving.  It is a restorative practice that allows students the ability to reflect and work together with a trusted adult to understand why they do the unexpected things they do and how to move forward and repair harm authentically.  It is a non-punitive way to give students' the opportunity to see negative choices as simply mistakes that they can grow from.  As a school, Beach is using CPS along with Restorative Justice practices to change our relationships and behaviors for the better



Site Council is a “council” of teachers, parents, non-certified staff, administrators and community members working together to increase student learning and enact our school mission.  All are invited to attend.

August 2019 Meeting Minutes   —   May 2019 Meeting Minutes

June 2019 Meeting Minutes    —   April 2019 Meeting Minutes


2019-2020 PTA Board of Directors!

We are still looking for a Newsletter Coordinator.  Please reach out to Kelly Orehovec if you can help. 

Beach School PTA  1710 N Humboldt St  Portland, OR 97217