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Originally delivered on 3/6/2020 9:27 pm

SUBJECT: Beach School Broadcast March 6, 2020




Stay up to date on all of our Beach School Dates.

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11 - Atlas Pizza Night

11 - PTA meeting, Garden Curriculum 

16 - 20 Book Fair

20 - Principal Topic Talks 9am

23 - 27 No School Spring Break


3 - All School Spirit Assembly (Engagement and Collaboration)

17 - Cafe en Espanol 9am

20 - Principal Topic Talks 9am

21 - Dub's Restaurant Night

22 - Beach Science Fair

25 - Beach School Bash, Auction


6 - PTA STEAM Night

12 - Pizzicato on Fremont Restaurant Night

21 - Multicultural Game Night & Potluck

22 - Principal Topic Talks 9am

29 - All School Spirit Assembly (Growth and Curiosity)

29 - Cafe en Espanol 9am


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Beach School Broadcast 

March 6, 2020


What's Happening Next Week?

11 - Atlas Pizza Night

11 - PTA meeting, Garden Curriculum 


How Can I Support Teachers this Week?


Complete our Successful Schools Survey

Portland Public School will begin the annual survey that allows us to gather data to make informed decisions about school climate and culture. The Successful Schools Survey begins on Monday, Jan. 27.

Three segments of the PPS community will take part in the anonymous survey: students, who will be asked to share their experiences in their classrooms and school; families, who will be asked about their perceptions of the school their child attends; and all school-based staff. The survey window for students runs to Feb. 14, and the family survey will be open until Feb. 28.

The district will again work with Panorama Education. Last year we partnered with Panorama for the first time, and the 2019 results set a baseline that will allow us to measure improvement in subsequent years. The survey will cover such topics as sense of belonging, school safety, school climate, barriers to family engagement, as well as students’ thoughts and feelings on diversity, equity and inclusion in school.

Three groups of students will take part: fourth and fifth graders at the elementary school level; sixth and seventh graders at the middle school level; and freshmen and sophomores in high school.  

Every parent and guardian in the district will be invited to take the survey, which will be available to families in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian and Somali. The family survey will be active on this page starting Jan. 27.


How can I help Beach School?  

Book Fair Volunteers Needed

The Beach Spring Book fair is coming up this March 16-20th, and Ms. Frazee is in need of volunteers. If you have time to help with set appreciated. Check out the sign up here


Parents, Did you know that most classrooms have at least one snack time each day. Many of those classes don't have a supply of snacks on hand and have to rely on our Snack Closet.  Please consider donating some healthy shelf stable and nut free snacks. Cash and gift cards are very helpful as well so we can fill the supply in bulk.  There is a big purple bin in the office for donations to be dropped off. An envelope is available for cash and gift cards.  Thank you!! 

Beach School Bash Auction - Volunteers Needed!

Our auction is the largest fundraiser of the year, bringing in necessary dollars to assist the Beach School community. In the past, funds raised from this event has supported Playworks, SUN, technology enhancements and improving services for students and school staff. This fundraiser, slated for late April 2020, is made possible by a great group of parent volunteers and we need your help. Please email Amber Elf  if you are interested in volunteering or learning more. 



Get to Know your Community 

Black History Night Success!

Thank you to all those who came out to Black History Night last week. It was a great success. Also thank you to our AMAZING SUN Coordinator Ms. Mo for putting on this great community event. 


Danza del Sol

Hello Danza del Sol Families,

We’re excited to kick off winter term as the teachers continue to work with your children to learn dances from Peru, Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico and Spain in preparation for the upcoming spring performances.

As many of you know, Danza del Sol is partially funded by the Beach School PTA and SEI (SUN school). However, Danza needs additional donations in order to fully fund this extensive dance program. 

As of right now, we need to raise an additional $3,340 to support the program this year. These funds will go towards the purchase of additional costumes and shoes, alterations and teacher support.

We realize that not all of the families are in a position to give. If you can, please consider donating $65 per family, which breaks down to approximately $5 per student per day for the remainder of the school year.  

To support the program in the future, we’re researching grants and other ways to fundraise. 

2019-2020 Budget for Danza del Sol


$3,500 (Funded)

Additional Teacher Resources


Total to fully fund the school year


We’ve already raised $3,500 from PTA donations and other donation requests, but we still need to raise $3,340 for this school year. You can donate electronically via the PTA website at: or via cash or check (to be made payable to the PTA with the Danza notation in the Memo line).

Also, please mark your calendars for the following events:

  • Wednesday, May 27th Spring SUN showcase

  • Thursday, May 28th - 2 dance assemblies for K-5 classes 

  • Thursday, May 28 - Danza del Sol Night at 6:00 pm

  • Friday, May 29 -  First Annual Youth Folk Dance Celebration at Beach!!! at 6:00pm

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and enthusiasm around our amazing Danza del Sol program!


Mila Edwards (2nd grade teacher and dance instructor)

Luciana Proaño  (Dance instructor)

Rhiannon Leonard (Flamenco dance instructor)

Sasha Vidales (Mexican dance instructor)

Dawn Myrah (Fundraising volunteer)



Ultimate Frisbee Kids League


All 3rd 4th & 5th graders!

Ultimate is the best sport for young athletes.  It's co-ed, self-refereed, active for everyone, and it teaches a type of intense competition that's also collaborative, where players support opponents' play.

But don't take my word for it. Sign up!
Our team name is ABC Ultimate.

$55 (scholarships available)
To sign up, follow these steps:
1) Click register link
2) "New Registration"
3) "Register a family member"
4) "On an existing team">"ABC Ultimate Team 1"
5) Order a jersey only if you don't have one yet (or it doesn't fit). I have many frisbees if you don't have one.

The season is April 5th to May 31st and is on Sundays at 9am - 11am at Lents Park



  English Classes at Beach

English Classes begin Feb 4th. Every Tue & Thu from 9-1030 in the annex Room A3. These classes are for all adults who want to learn or practice English, and they are also welcome to English speakers who would like to help by participating.

With Esther out we need your help to build connections between English & Spanish speakers! 
A) can you help spread the word? We will have a flyer and we ask you to help pass it out!
B) we would love it if you would participate in one of the classes! If you are interested, give Nate your name & #, and we'll connect with you after classes start

For more info, contact Nate Query
503-360- 8664 
(habla español)


Topic Talks with Principal Lisa Hawking

 Topic Talks are a continuation of “Coffee with the Principal”.  The title “Topic Talk” better describes what we’ll do and why (described below).  We will also have Cafe en Espanol, scheduled for adjacent Fridays, along with Black Affinity Brunch starting in December

Dates and times for Topic Talks are: 

  • March 20, 9-10 a.m.
  • April 17, 9-10 a.m.
  • May 22, 9-10 a.m.

Dates for Cafe en Espanol are:

  • April 3
  • May 29

All Cafe en Espanol are facilitated by our wonderful Esther Romero, from 9-10 a.m. in the auditorium. 

The goals for Topic Talks and Cafe en Espanol are communication and community building. We want to create a space for parents to receive some information about important school-related topics, and a space to hear from, learn from, and better know those of you who are able to attend.  (We regret this is not a time that works for many parents’ work schedules and hope that we’ll get to connect with you at evening events, around school such as at arrival or dismissal or in other ways-- please reach out if we can answer any questions orsupport you or your child.)

We would love to learn topics of interest from you. Topic Talk topics I’m planning so far include school survey and assessment data, student assessments overviews (MAP, Smarter Balanced, etc.), Social Emotional Learning, Restorative Justice & Collaborative Problem Solving.  This Friday’s topic is our 2019-20 School Goals including school data and team processes that led to their formation.

At Topic Talks we’ll meet in Circle. Circle work increases the generativity of a group of individuals, helping us find common knowledge and interests, and productive differences, to accomplish shared purposes. We’ll structure the ability for each person to have a turn to speak or listen, and also a structure at closing for collecting additional questions from you that I’ll either be able to answer quickly, or connect with you about later, depending on time.  

I hope all parents will feel welcome to join us!

Sincerely, Lisa Hawking



Caring Communities at Beach 

Interesting in being part of the garden team to help plan upcoming events, raise funds or tend the garden? Email 


Upcoming Fundraising Events 

Fundraising events cost money and everyone is invited.  Our goal at fundraising events is to raise money for our community.  


Beach Rocks ROCKED!

What an awesome night celebrating the talented Beach community in Music. From the band to all the singers, fun was had by all. 

We were able to raise funds to support Literacy at Beach! Thank you to all who volunteered and supported this great community event. 



 Beach School Bash - April 25th

 If you are interested in getting involved with this high energy event please contact  Amber Elf and see our above post about how to get involved.


Restaurant Nights


March 11 Atlas Pizza

April 21 Dub's Restaurant Night

May 12 Pizzicato on Fremont



PTA General Meetings 



March 11 PTA Meeting 7pm-8pm

Environmental Education at Beach and Beyond  
*Dinner & Childcare Provided

Our School Garden Coordinator McKenzie will be presenting:

  • Environmental Education: At Beach and Beyond
  • info about the importance of childhood outdoor education
  • Garden report (with pictures!)
  • family activities & resources
  • information about Environmental Ed. pedagogy and theory



2019-2020 PTA Board of Directors!

Beach School PTA  1710 N Humboldt St  Portland, OR 97217