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May 8 


Beach Community,


We want to thank all those who have contributed towards the Beach Family Support Fund. So far more than 40 families have benefitted from the $3000 in Fred Meyer gift cards that have already been donated. Since our previous ask more families continue to lose income and many are unable to access SNAP benefits, federal stimulus support, unemployment, and other social safety net benefits to help with expenses.


If you are in a position to give or have stimulus funds to spare, we are asking for continued donations to support Beach families. All donations will go towards supporting basic needs and expenses like utilities, rent, and gift cards to supplement food and household supplies.


Please consider monthly donations as our Beach community will continue to experience significant financial hardship well beyond the end of this crisis.


All donations will be managed through our partnership with SEI. Monique Shellmire, our SEI/SUN School Manager, will directly support the distribution of funds to Beach families. We are so grateful for this critically important partnership because SEI already has the infrastructure to support this work. Monique has been using the limited funds available to her through SEI to support families in this capacity. With additional financial support from the Beach community we can extend our reach to continue supporting our community through this pandemic. Even more importantly, Monique and SEI will be able to continue supporting families once school is out for the summer.


If your family is in need, you can request support directly from the fund through SEI by emailing Ms. Mo at moniquesh@selfenhancement.org. If you are unable to utilize email, you can text her a message at 503-890-0489. You can also complete the Family Support Form to make a request. In order to protect family privacy, requests through SEI are confidential and not shared with Beach School staff unless permission is given by the family making the request.


We appreciate and thank you for your continued support!


Beach PTA


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Important Dates for Incoming Kindergarten Families

  • August 24 - Project Community Care - 9am to 12 noon
  • August 31 - “Beach Connects” - 4:30pm
  • September 2, 3 - Kindergarten Meet & Greet (teacher assessment) 
  • September 8 - First day of Kindergarten!

** Dates could change due to Covid-19 concerns ** Current as of May 2020 **


Additional Kindergarten information at our PPS page


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The Beach Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a vital part of the school’s community. We work to enhance educational opportunities for students and families, support staff, and promote family involvement at our school. Officially this is a membership organization, but all community members are encouraged to participate. The website is here to provide you with the latest information about what’s happening at Beach School, and let you know about opportunities to help improve our school.


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